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God has given each of us something unique we can use to serve Him. Maybe it's a talent like music, a skill like working with your hands, or a passion like caring for others. Whatever it is, Jesus wants His followers to put it to work by serving others. 

There is so much growth and joy to be experienced when we give of ourselves to serve someone else. When you become a crew member you cease to be a passenger who is just along for the ride. You become an active member of the body, playing a role that only you can play.




Not sure what you’d be good at or what serving role fits you best? Click below to take the Personality Test to gain a better understanding of how God has designed you to serve and lead. The test takes about 12 minutes.

We believe the church is at its best when everyone uses their natural gifts and abilities to serve others. Joining a serve team equips you to make an impact on our church and community, take steps toward God by serving Him, and have a great time with the people you’ll serve alongside. Here are some examples of ways to serve at The Waymart Church:
Nursery                                   Children's Ministry
Youth Leader                           Greeter
Building Maintenance            
Connections Desk                   Coffee Corner
Church Cleaning
Many More Opportunities

Need help figuring out the best place to start serving? TAKE THE TEST, then fill out the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION then we will help you find the perfect spot.

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