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Join us
March 28th
at 6:00PM

The death of a child– at any age, from any circumstance – is indeed one of the cruelest blows that life has to offer. The journey through this grief is long and difficult. At any moment, we may find ourselves in an all-consuming pain beyond description. It can be tough to live our everyday lives, challenging to think about anything other than our loss. Even happy memories may bring us pain for a time.

People do not “get over” the death of a child, nor “snap out of it” as the outside world often thinks we should. This loss is not an illness from which we recover. It is a life-altering change that forces us to build a new life for ourselves and our families, in a world that no longer includes our loved one.

The Parents Who Hurt Support Group offers parents an opportunity to meet and talk with other parents who understand their pain and loss. The circumstances may be different but the grief, pain and difficulty is something each person must work through.  Join this group of parents on the 4th Thursday of every month for a time of conversation and understanding that produces a sense of peace in the midst of the storm.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about this group. We also offer GRIEFSHARE on Tuesday evenings to help with the grieving process, together these groups can be a great help.

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Join GriefShare at anytime. This is an open group.

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