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Nowhere in the New Testament do you read that the followers of Jesus “went to church.” What you do read is that the church (the people) gathered together. There is a big difference between the two. 


The church is the people, not a place or a meeting you attend. We believe that in the modern world, the “church” has become known as a place that people go to vs. a people on a mission for God. We cannot underestimate the power of how words shape our understanding of what a “church” is and how it is supposed to function. The Waymart Church has a weekly worship gathering, and will have various other classes and meetings that happen at a “place”— but foremost, we will function as a community of “people” who are living as the church all week long (1 Corinthians 12). 

Whether it is a weekend gathering, a special event, or a midweek

program, the following passions shape everything we do: 


  • Every single person is infinitely valuable to God and to us.

  • Life is a journey of discovery.

  • In His passion to know us and see us reach our full potential, God meets us where we are in order to take us to a way of life we can only reach with Him.

  • A faith community should be a safe and honest place to explore all that God offers.

  • While there are many honorable and worthy teachers and paths in life, what Jesus provides is unique and unequaled. 


At The Waymart Church we also envision ourselves as a catalyst for community growth. The church is a center of activity by providing a place for people to develop their faith in unity. We believe it is in fostering the spiritual and physical growth that Christ followers can positively impact the community. 


No matter who you are or where you are, we welcome you to join us on the adventure of finding, knowing, and serving God.

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