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RV'ers On Mission

A Ministry of The Waymart Church


RV’ers ON MISSION is a work camping ministry of The Waymart Church that provides RV’ers an opportunity to serve Jesus through an assortment of work projects at The Waymart Church.


“Serving Together to Serve Others” is a phrase we believe sums up the overall purpose of our RV’ers ON MISSION ministry.


The Waymart Church provides RV hookups, work supervision, specialty tools and materials as needed to complete the vast amount of work projects to fulfill our mission of reaching Waymart and our surrounding communities with the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


RV workers supply hand tools (if possible), labor, and their own breakfast and evening meal, while The Waymart Church will provide lunch daily, water, sewer and electric hook-ups, so that the RV’ers ON MISSON can stay comfortably in their RV onsite, while serving with others.


The scope of the work projects includes everything it takes to maintain, expand and beautify our facility for continued

ministry impact. Projects also include the need for specialized individuals with gifts and abilities in the electronic, IT,

AV/Tec, computer related fields, music, teaching and every other God given gift and ability.


RV’ers ON MISSION who serve for two or more weeks are invited to stay for one week following the completed projects so that they can have an opportunity to see and enjoy the local sights and beauty of Northeast PA or just rest and relax.


The duration of each project is contingent upon the size and scope of the project, therefore each RV’er ON MISSION will personally coordinate with the representative from The Waymart Church to determine their level of commitment and the amount of time they will serve. Most projects usually take less than three weeks to complete. RV’ers ON MISSION may serve for, a weekend, one week, two weeks, or up to three weeks and If you serve for two or three weeks then you are invited to enjoy a week of rest and relaxation before heading to their next destination. In specific situations the RV’er ON MISSION and the project coordinator from The Waymart Church may adjust this time frame as needed.


We believe that God has blessed many people with various gifts and abilities that can be used for His glory. We also believe that this type of ministry will be a benefit and blessing to the RV’er ON MISSION, The Waymart Church Family and our local community.


Each volunteer should serve six hours a day M-Th and attend the Sunday services if the stay encompasses a weekend, unless other arrangements are made in advance. Complete the initial interest application and then you will be contacted by the RV’ers ON MISSION coordinator to further discuss this ministry opportunity.

Contact us to learn more about the spring, summer and fall 2024 projects.

Beautiful NEPA

Water, sewer & 30/50 electric
building phase -
Now Completed

RV'ers On Mission - Sept. 23

Project: Outdoor grill storage

RV 12.jpg

Lunch served - not always possible - but served most days!

Great people, great time, great serving!

What an awesome space saver

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