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Waymart Church

2019-20 Life Groups Strategic Dates


8/10/2019  Life Group Leaders Huddle – Fenwick's 5:30pm 

8/21/2019  Deadline: Select Group Study, Pick time, day of the week and location of group meeting

                                     (Please send your response to Sunny at

9/7/2019    Life Group Leaders follow up MTG  5:30pm Location TBA

9/8/2019    Life Group Sunday/ Sign up


9/16/2019 – 11/18/2019  FALL Life Groups


12/7/2019 Life Group Follow-up Meeting  5:30pm Location TBA


1/6/2020 – 2/24/2019  WINTER Life Groups


3/7/2020   Life Group Leaders Followup Meeting  5:30pm Location TBA    


3/9/2020 – 5/3/2019  SPRING Life Groups (April 6 Easter week off)


5/9/2020   Life Group Leaders Followup Meeting  5:30pm TBA

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