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At The Waymart Church, we believe that we are called to be responsible for the resources God has entrusted to us. This means using our bodies, time, talents, possessions, and finances in a way that demonstrates our lives belong to him. We get to do this! This is an opportunity for us to build God’s family, placing him first in everything we do.


Because we believe strongly in the vision God has given us, our community commits to giving financially on a regular basis. This isn’t a mindless obligation, however, it’s a cheerful and exciting act that supports the ministry of our church! We choose to sacrifice a portion of our income because we believe it’s the right response to a God who has been so gracious to us.


God calls us to give voluntarily, cheerfully and sacrificially, which is the right response to a God who has been gracious to us.


Giving online is easy, safe, and secure. You can give any time, but we recommend setting up a recurring giving schedule as it's the best way to make sure generosity is a high priority in your life.

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