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Do you need an opportunity to get your creative juices flowing?

Do you have moments where you feel the need to express your inner Rock Star?

Maybe you just enjoy laughing at the antics of your friends.


Come and join us for a night of fun and music for middle and high school students.  We will be meeting at The Waymart Church on Sunday, February 17th from 7-9 PM for a night of Karaoke and Lip Sync performances.


There will be music, craziness, competition, a Nacho Bar with all the toppings you need to make your own delicious nachos, and prizes.  


You can sign up using the forms below, simply pick which event you'd like to participate in and fill out that form with all the information including the song or songs you'd like to sing or lip sync. You can participate in both as long as you fill out both forms.

To insure your song is able to be part of our karaoke night you must submit the name of the song and artist/band. Please make sure your song lyrics and performances are appropriate for our audience. We reserve the final say as to which songs will be performed that night.

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