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The Waymart Church

Suggested Life Group Session Plan 




Send out a text or email the day before reminding everyone about the Life Group and how excited you are to jump into this experience together. Before everyone arrives, be sure to set the environment. The goal isn’t for your house to look like a museum. Instead, work to create a warm and welcoming space where group members can be comfortable and feel at home.

Hint: If there is anyone joining your group who you don’t know well, make sure to clearly communicate your address and helpful information like which door they should use and where they should park, etc.


2.) HANG-OUT  (20 Minutes)

As people begin to arrive, give them a warm welcome and help them get settled. Spend some time catching up on life as you allow time for group members to show up.

Hint: Put on some background music and set out the snacks. Gathering around food helps create a safe place to talk and relax.


3.) BREAK THE ICE (10-15 Minutes)

Use one of the ice breakers included in your launch kit to create some conversation and laughter. It may be tempting to skip this step, but it will actually help for your group dynamic and add to your group discussion later! It’s okay to have fun, we promise.

Hint: For the first night, we suggest using the Fact or Fiction game in your kit. Simply grab the wooden coin and flip to the game in the back of your "Your First Group" book to get started!


4.) DISCUSS 30 (Minutes)

When you start a group, you’ll either be jumping into the current series’ message-based questions or begin the video track that includes provides additional content/questions for discussion.  Be sure to download the facilitators guide for your selected study ( for message based series)   

Hint: Don’t let the first time you read the discussion guide be at your Life Group. Carve out a few minutes ahead of time to get familiar with the content and look over the questions.


5.) GET ORGANIZED 15 Minutes

After reading through the discussion using the facilitator’s guide, take a few minutes to get organized for the weeks ahead.  Review the Role cards from your kit together. Roles include: 

         - Timekeeper                   - Host                         - Prayer                         - Snack Bringer 

Set the expectation that everyone is a contributor. Give the opportunity to anyone who wants to take on additional responsibility for a role, but don’t volunteer anyone! We want to make sure that group members don’t feel pressured into taking a step they aren’t ready for


6.) WRAP UP (5 Minutes)

After you finish getting organized, thank everyone for coming out and spend a few minutes chatting before everyone heads out for the night.



Send everyone a text or email about what a great time you had getting this group started. Let them know you look forward to seeing them on Sunday or at the next group meeting.  You’ll receive an email reminder after your group ends to check in at Group Resources to tell us who came, how it went and ask questions that may come up or let us know when someone new joins 

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