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Just because the thermometer says it's wicked cold outside doesn't mean you can't enjoy a dip in the pool with your friends. Join us for a night ignoring Jack Frost and leaving Frosty the Snowman at the door as we dive into some swimming pool fun. Whether you prefer to make a splash or soak in the hot tub we will have something for everyone. In fact to make the joy spread farther we have two pool parties coming up. Both at the Ladore Lodge Pool located at 398 South Street in Waymart.

On March 6th from 6:30 till 8:00PM the Kids Adventure Team students (K-5th grade) and their families are invited to the pool at the Ladore Lodge. (This will replace our regularly scheduled Kids Adventure Team program at the Ladore PARC Pavilion)


On March 13th the Ladore Lodge pool is reserved for our middle and high school students. (This will replace our regularly scheduled middle and high school program at the Ladore PARC Pavilion.)

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